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Seven Ways Information Technology Can Improve Your Business — a Free White Paper

How can you focus your use of information technology for increased business benefit?

Initial implementations of information technology in business almost always focus on cost reduction; it’s been that way ever since computers were first invented. But cost reduction is only one of seven different ways that IT can improve your business, and if you’re only looking at cost reduction then you’re not as effective as you ought to be in your use of information technology.
This five-page white paper describes an approach that can be used to answer the question, “Where can Information Technology best contribute to the business?” I explain each of the seven ways, and give examples of each so you’ll be able to figure out how you can implement similar projects in your own business. Then I explain why most businesses don’t look beyond cost reduction, and I give you a six-step approach for developing a more effective IT project list for your company.
By following this approach within your company, you can help focus your use of IT for increased business benefit, and you can maximize the payback of IT. Don’t just use IT to reduce costs – take advantage of all 7 ways that IT can help your business.

Download the white paper now

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