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How to Sell to a CIO — a Free White Paper

The Secrets of Convincing a CIO to Buy Your Products & Services

What surprising hot buttons do CIO’s have? What can I do to guarantee a meeting with a CIO? How do I ensure an initial sale to a CIO? How do I ensure add-on sales?

You probably already know how difficult it is to get the attention of a CIO or other senior IT executive. I was once a senior IT executive myself, so I understand the problem from the buyer’s perspective. I know what salespeople do wrong, and I know what they should be doing instead.

This 7-page white paper describes a process for selling to CIO’s. I developed the process based on many years of IT executive experience and a lot of conversations with CIOs about why they buy and why they don’t.

The white paper covers these topics:

  • Why CIO’s act the way they do
  • How to focus on providing the things that CIO’s want, no matter what your product or service is
  • How to make your first contact with the CIO
  • How you can ensure a meeting
  • How to guarantee a sale as a result of that meeting
  • How to maximize add-on sales

If you’re reading this description, then you probably already know the basics of selling, and that material isn’t repeated in this white paper. Instead, this white paper covers the basics of selling to a CIO, which is more difficult than selling to most other people. Download the white paper and find out why.

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