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Quotes of the Month – November, 2008

“Traffic signals in New York are just rough guidelines.”

David Letterman (1947 – )

“Fortunately, the second-to-last bug has just been fixed.”

Ray Simard

“When anyone asks me how I can best describe my experience in nearly forty years at sea, I merely say, uneventful. Of course there have been winter gales, and storms and fog and the like. But in all my experience, I have never been in any accident… or any sort worth speaking about. I have seen but one vessel in distress in all my years at sea. I never saw a wreck and never have been wrecked nor was I ever in any predicament that threatened to end in disaster of any sort.”

E. J. Smith, 1907, Captain, RMS Titanic

“It is neither necessary or possible to educate someone who never questions anything.”

Joseph Heller (1923 – 1999), Catch-22

“Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them.”

Joseph Heller (1923 – 1999), Catch-22

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