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I’m switching to a blog format

With this issue I’m starting my seventh year of writing monthly articles for CIO’s. In those seven years email newsletters have become less common, and blogs have taken over. In some respects there’s not much difference. In both formats I write things that I think you’ll find useful. Both formats can be done on any time table, although a blog is usually associated with more frequent posting.

The biggest difference between newsletters and blogs is that blogs allow reader feedback through comments. This reader feedback is something that I’ve been missing – I get a few emails now and then, but there has been no easy way to share those comments with you. Now with the blog format you’ll have an opportunity to agree, disagree or offer additional advice, and you can comment on the comments made by others.

A second difference between newsletters and blogs is the way that people keep up with the postings. Newsletters are sent out by email. Blog updates can be communicated by email too, but also by RSS and various other subscription services.

For now, I’m going to post monthly articles both ways – newsletter and blog, and I may add a few entries to the blog in between the monthly articles. My home page will point to the blog format, new subscribers will subscribe to the blog format, and I suspect most people will gravitate to the blog format over time. I’ll continue to send out the newsletter to current subscribers, at least for a while, but if you want to switch to another format, then you can subscribe using one of the links on the upper right sidebar of the blog page.

I’m also supporting another new technology, Twitter. I’ll notify you via my MakingITclear Twitter account when I post something new to the MakingITclear® blog. Or if you want more frequent tweets, you can follow me personally on Twitter using my HarwellThrasher account.

No matter what article format you prefer, you can jump directly to a list of current postings using these links:

Either way, I hope you enjoy what I write. And now that there’s a way for you to comment on the articles, I hope you’ll do so. I would love to hear what you have to say.


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