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6 Steps to an IT Strategy

Six Steps to an Information Technology Strategy that Maximizes Business Value

What is Information Technology (IT) Strategy? What should such a strategy include? How can you develop a good IT strategy? What differentiates a good IT strategy from a bad one?

I’ve developed a six-step process that answers these questions and provides a foundation for an IT strategy for your company. The process, based on many years of IT experience, starts at the top by defining relevant business objectives. It then drills down into IT, assuring the achievement of the business objectives by linking the various other parts of the IT strategy.

Amazing things can happen when you have an IT strategy aligning business and IT objectives. Everyone in your business will know that IT is successful. If someone suggests an IT budget cut, then you can directly tie the budget cut to a reduction in specific services so everyone is aware of the impact of the proposed cut on the bottom line of your business. Budget fights are eliminated because there is a direct tie between the IT work and the business results from IT.

If you don’t have an IT strategy, then you need one NOW. Here’s how to get my six-step process: Read Chapter 8 of my book, Boiling the IT Frog. It’s available from

  1. Amazon.com as a physical book for $19.95, or
  2. For only $9.99 on Amazon’s Kindle device or for the Kindle readers on the iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, PC or Mac.

Either way, this is a great value, since in addition to the six-step strategy process, you get the entire book that describes the best way to explain IT to your business, and that explains the 44 most important IT secrets. Click here to buy the book on Amazon.com. Click here for more information about the book.

Get the book in either format, and find out how you can create an IT strategy for your company in six easy-to-follow steps.

This process helps you create an IT strategy from a business perspective, yet it doesn’t neglect the technical challenges. Success is attained by putting together a strategy that is comfortable for both IT and the business organizations – a strategy that can be achieved. The book tells you how to put together that strategy, and include some examples for each step.

A Few Testimonials

“Informative and well organized. The process and structure helped me present my issues to my executives.”

Robert D. Peate
Global Director of Information Technology for MKS Instruments, Inc.

“I found the paper [the chapter was originally available as a white paper] very useful in providing a framework for my IS strategy.”

Wendy Violentano
Head of IS

Buy now! Here are the links:

Buy book from Amazon
Buy for Amazon Kindle or iPhone

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