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The SerialStartups web site has posted an interview that I did with Naomi Tapia.  It’s about some of the things to consider when starting up a new company […] Read More

Join Me August 23rd in Kansas City, Missouri

I’ll be giving the keynote at the 2010 Boomer Technology Circle Summit on August 23rd in Kansas City.  If you’re in the accounting industry, then join me for a two-hour session on “How to Demystify I.T. For Your CEO.”  For more information, go to http://www.boomer.com/?page=btcsummit […] Read More

ComputerWorld has published an article by Mary Brandel that includes the results of an interview I did with Mary last fall.  The article is entitled “IT centralization is back in fashion.”  You can see the article here […] Read More

I’ll be speaking Thursday, October 8, 2009  at a lunch meeting of the Society for Information Management (SIM) in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The topic is “How to Demystify IT for your CEO,” and I’ll be going over a lot of the material from my book.  If you’re in Salt Lake City and you want […] Read More

New Tagline — IT’s all about the Business

I’ve changed the tagline in my blog header. It used to be “Insight for Current and Future IT Leaders.” Now it’s “Insight for Current and Future Business Leaders.” I took out the word “IT” and replaced it with the word “business.” Here’s why: For over six years I’ve been writing about lessons I’ve learned from […] Read More

Sponsors Wanted

Along with the blog comes an opportunity for sponsorship. I’ve had a few sponsors on my site all along. I have links to Amazon for a few books that I’ve found useful, occasionally I’ll recommend a product that I’ve enjoyed like the Amazon Kindle. And I’ve hosted a few Google ads here and there. I’m […] Read More

I’m switching to a blog format

With this issue I’m starting my seventh year of writing monthly articles for CIO’s. In those seven years email newsletters have become less common, and blogs have taken over. In some respects there’s not much difference. In both formats I write things that I think you’ll find useful. Both formats can be done on any […] Read More

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