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Copyright Policy

Material that is available directly on this web site without any charge may be used for your personal benefit or for the benefit of your company (Images are an exception — see below). However, we ask that you:

  1. Don’t publish any of this material in a print or electronic form without getting permission in writing from MakingITclear, Inc..

  2. Retain all references to MakingITclear, Inc. with the information, including all copyright and trademark notices.

Material that is available for purchase and/or download is subject to the digital rights granted with the material. Specifically:

  1. Material designated as specifically for personal use or for use by a single person may be used by the purchaser only, and may not be distributed in print or or in electronic form to any other person.

  2. Material designated as being licensed for use “in a single company in a single location” or for use “by everyone in your company who works at the licensee’s location” may be distributed in print or in electronic form to other employees of the same company as the purchaser as long as those other employees work at the same physical street address as the purchaser.

Images are treated differently.  Images used on this web site are subject to the copyright policies of their owners, and can be used elsewhere only with the express permission of those owners.  For more information on individual images, see http://blog.makingitclear.com/imagecredits/

Please let me know if you need additional clarification on any part of this copyright policy.

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