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Boiling the IT Frog: Author Harwell Thrasher takes the mystery out of IT
by Kathleen MelymukaAn Excerpt from Boiling the IT Frog
by Harwell Thrasher
IndustryWeekBoiling the IT Frog
by Brad Kenney
IT generalist or specialist? Thrasher votes for specialist
by Mitch Betts
CIO Values: Robert Keefe, senior VP and CIO, Mueller Water Products
IT isn’t like construction, and ROI doesn’t work for IT
by Mitch Betts
Certification Magazine
How Do Wireless Cities Affect IT Pros?
by Kelly Shermach
Situation Management Systems, Inc.
Positive Power and Influence program
Three questions CEOs ask CIOs
by Mitch Betts
IT Alignment is Simple
by Harwell Thrasher
National Computing Centre
ROI – R.I.P?
by Michael Gentle
Ceridian Corporation
How to Buy an IT product
by Harwell Thrasher
Inc. Technology
IT Mistakes: Failure is Not an Option
by Michelle V. Rafter
Ceridian Corporation
Technology tutorial: What is cloud computing and why should I care?
by Harwell Thrasher
Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog
2009 Curious Cat Management Blog Carnival
by John Hunter
The Korea Times
Digital Natives to Outnumber Digital Immigrants
by Jane Han
IT centralization is back in fashion
by Mary Brandel
Serial Startups
Serial Starter Interview: makingITclear Founder Harwell Thrasher
by Naomi Tapia
Start It Up: Don’t Hire the Best Person for the Job
by Jessica Stillman
IT World
How to talk like a CIO
by Lisa Vass
Success through Failure: The Paradox of Design
by Henry Petroski
IT Success!: Towards a New Model for Information Technology
by Michael Gentle
The Effective CIO: How to Achieve Outstanding Success through Strategic Alignment, Financial Management, and IT Governance
by Eric J. Brown and William A. Yarberry Jr.


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