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Reviews of “Boiling the IT Frog”

Mojoey, an IT Manager for a U.S. manufacturing company
“This commonsense managerial guide is a page-turner. At 183 pages, the book only takes about four hours to read. However, it manages to impart a great deal of wisdom in a short time. I said ‘Wow, that makes sense’ at least once a chapter.”

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July 23, 2007 Cover of Computerworld
“Harwell Thrasher’s new book can help you demystify technology for your CEO.”

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Brad Kenney, in his 8/24/07 IndustryWeek Information Technology newsletter
“If you work in IT and are frustrated by the lack of understanding and unreasonable expectations of your department, or just want to facilitate common sense conversation between business and IT, start saving now for your Secret Santa shopping list — and put Thrasher’s book on it.”

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Reader Comments and Reviews

Bob Ruckle, Director of IT, The L & L Company, Inc., Manassas, VA, USA“
“I Love This Book!
Thanks for a clear concise book that speaks to me at exactly my level. I work in an industry where I don’t often have the opportunity to interface with other IT organizations and it’s comforting to know that I’m not alone! I found several ideas to implement by the time I reached the end of the 2nd chapter.”

W Hauserman, Atlanta, GA
“Thrasher’s book demystifies the IT function, organization and the IT world. We discover what these people actually do, how to communicate with them and most importantly, how to lead and manange them. The idea that you don’t have to be an IT “wizard” to manage the IT function is revolutionary. The book is a must read for anyone who deals with IT people; is responsible for making decisions on IT software and hardware purchases; or just wants to find out what really goes on in this until now realm of Harry Potter-like wizards. Highly recommended business book and vitally important as the technological world grows.”

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S. Savell, Knoxville, TN
“I was searching for resources that would help explain technology concepts in a straight-forward and uncomplicated manner to my non-technical peers when I came across “Boiling the IT Frog”. After reading the book, I decided to purchase additional copies to share. Mr. Thrasher has done a very nice job at not only explaining key aspects of technology he has also provided solid insights regarding the individuals who have chosen technology as a profession – very helpful for those folks who just don’t get technology and technical people.”

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